• Image of Amaranthine Lament - "The First Two Relics" C90

AMP004CS. 07112016. C90.

Forming the prequel to "The Third And Final Relic", Amaranthine Lament's first two releases, "Faceless Shadows" and "Demo MMXII" are once again available in physical form. Lovingly remastered and dubbed onto silver-coloured metallic tapes with new artwork and two previously unreleased tracks, this is guaranteed to sound at least 1% better than the original releases.

The cassette itself also contains a third previously unreleased exclusive hidden track, and as a bonus, the original masters of Faceless Shadows and Demo MMXII are included as hidden tracks in the download version.

Limited to 15 copies.

Discogs entry: forthcoming

Digital version/streaming: here

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